Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I hate drivers who cross crosswalks.

Remember those children who, no matter how much practice they had in grade school, just couldn’t catch on to that concept of “coloring inside the lines?”

Those children grow up to become asshole drivers who just can’t manage to stop behind the line.

If the light’s red or a stop sign exists and I, the pitiful pedestrian, want to cross, the driver ought to be able to bring the car to a stand-still behind the lines designated specifically for those on foot to safely make it across the road.

Crosswalks are supposed to exist as “traffic calming” agents. But those who just can’t stay inside the lines aren’t calmed: they throw up their hands, curse, blame it on Toyota, look angrily at the vehicle pulling up behind them and think that that guy is a jerk because he didn’t leave them space to back up, erase, and correct themselves.